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Who We Are

The Answer to Your Brand's Needs.

Established in the year 2018, 35 Stripes Film & Production is a production house based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. We house 10 passionate filmmakers to help leading SMEs and large-scale enterprises increase their potential sales through results-driven marketing videos. 


Whether it's a dynamic product showcase, an emotive brand story, or an engaging social media campaign, we deliver your high-quality marketing aspirations, from start to finish.


You do the imagining. We make the vision.

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Malaysia’s top leading video production partner for retail SMEs to drive increased sales


No Business Left Behind in Digital Marketing

The Story Behind the Name

Our production house derives its name from the profound essence of our filmmaking journey.


Our number is to pay homage to the 35mm film, which has been the industry standard for centuries, dating back to the early days of cinema. The number 35 has earned its place as the most important number in filmmaking, symbolizing both the historical roots and enduring artistry of the craft. Therefore, 35 serves as a constant reminder of our humble beginnings and the passion that ignited our love for cinematography.


Stripes is an integral part of our name, based off the animal zebra. Each zebras has a unique set of stripes, symbolizing diversity through different lines on their skins. These lines embody the coexistence of different elements, just as we, as individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, come together as a dedicated team to serve your brand.

We were formerly known as Zebra Production before moving forward to this new name. Stripes is what we take from the old name to preserve our identity, diversity and uniqueness. 

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